Cpap Mask | Evora Full Face Fisher & Paykel

Size: Small/Medium


Cpap : Cpap Mask : Full Face : Fisher and Paykel

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What's Included:
-Full Face Cushion
-Flexible Mask Tubing Frame
-Short Tube

-Each Mask comes with three cushions. One of each size. Small, Medium & Large.

Simply CapFit - Introducing the world's first CapFit headgear.
Unlike any other mask, F&P Evora™ incorporates CapFit headgear that has been designed to be put on like a cap - a simple and intuitive movement that patients are familiar with.  Introducing Evora; Minimal, one-size CapFit headgear for a simple and intuitive fit.  The next generation of Dynamic Support Technology; Soft, compact floating seal that sits comfortably under the nose to create an unobtrusive seal.
Soft-knit fabric; comfortable headgear designed with AirEdges to avoid leaving marks on the face.  Radial air-flow; laser-drilled exhaust holes designed to minimise noise and draft.  95% of Respiratory Therapists found Evora simple to fit.  98% of Patients found Evora simple to take off and put on in the dark.

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