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What's Included:
-Three Nasal Cushions (Small, Medium, and Large)
-Flexible Mask Tubing Frame
-Short Tube
-Each Mask comes with three cushions. One of each size. Small, Medium & Large.

The 3B Medical Rio II Nasal Pillow CPAP mask is a great nasal pillow CPAP mask option for comfort and versatility. This fitpack includes cushions in sizes Small, Medium, and Large (one of each) and headgear.

The Rio II mask has unique features perfect for active sleepers, side sleepers, and those who breathe through their nose during sleep. With a comfortable angled nasal pillow holder and a rotating ball and socket swivel, you have the capability to move freely as you prepare for sleep and throughout the night. With a simple back strap and two velcro fasteners, the Rio II headgear also makes adjusting to your comfort level a simple, easy, and quick experience.

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