In compliance with current FDA requlations, requires a prescription for each CPAP/BiPAP Machine, CPAP/BiPAP Mask, CPAP/BiPAP and Humidifier we sell. Prescriptions may be faxed, emailed, or mailed to us using the information on our contact page.

Prescriptions are generally provided on your doctor's prescription pad, office letterhead, or printed prescription form. All prescriptions must contain your doctor's signature, your doctor's contact information, the patient's full name, and a description of the therapy prescribed.

Mask Prescriptions - Should contain one of the following words or phrases: CPAP Mask, BiPAP Mask, CPAP Supplies, BiPAP Supplies, BiLevel Mask, APAP Mask, CPAP, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, APAP, Auto-CPAP, AutoSet, Auto Adjusting CPAP, BiPAP, BiLevel, BiPAP Auto, VPAP, VPAP ST, BiPAP ST, etc.